What To Consider When Getting Travel Insurance?

Getting insured against unexpected events that can happen to a person on a foreign vacation should be a given. The vast majority of people realize this, but there are still those who either get insufficient insurance or don’t get travel insurance at all.

Getting travel insurance is a matter of a few minutes. Moreover, you don’t have to visit an insurance branch for this. It’s enough to enter the necessary information online, pay the calculated insurance premium, for example, by card, and all documents – a contract, instructions, or an assistance card – will be sent to your email by the insurance company. An advantage of online insurance is that you save on premiums, as many insurance companies offer a discount of up to 10 to 20 percent for remote contract signing.

Many people who travel abroad frequently already have their preferred insurance company or type of insurance they regularly get. However, it is worth going through the offers of several insurance companies, reading the terms and conditions, and considering the amount of insurance limits, exemptions, etc., before signing a contract.

Location matters

The destination you are heading to plays an important role. “The destination is one of the parameters based on which the tourist should primarily choose the amount of insurance coverage in travel insurance. Traditionally, the US and Canada are the most expensive in terms of medical and treatment expenses, followed by Australia and New Zealand. Here, we recommend choosing the highest level of protection,” added Eva Svobodova from UNIQA Insurance.

As she further stated, it is also necessary to consider the distance from the Czech Republic in case of the required repatriation by a charter flight, which is the most expensive mode of transportation, costing at least hundreds of thousands of crowns but millions of crowns from Asia, America, or Australia. “In addition, it is good to consider the local infrastructure, the level of healthcare, and the specific location where the person intends to stay and how accessible it is in general,” added the UNIQA insurance spokesperson.

Some activities need additional insurance

When selecting insurance, you must consider the activities and specific sports you will engage in during your vacation. If you will lie on the beach or go on shorter trips around, there is no need to include riskier activities in the insurance. On the other hand, if you plan to engage in them, it is necessary to ensure that the insurance policy covers them.