Will hospitals fill up again? The ministry is working out how to prepare for another wave of coronavirus

Although about half of the Czech population is already fully vaccinated, the numbers of newly infected have risen slightly again in recent days. There are concerns about whether another wave of covid will come in the autumn, which could also strain the Czech health system. Therefore, the Ministry of Health is working with its advisors on how to prepare for a possible autumn wave.

“It is impossible to predict it accurately. It is possible to expect an increased number of cases and hospitalizations. It is necessary to be prepared for an increased number of hospital admissions. However, there will probably be fewer severe cases. The key is to convince people from risk groups of the need for vaccination as soon as possible, “reads a document from a meeting of the Ministry of Health’s Covid Clinical Group.

The advisers recommend that hospitals should be prepared for any increased influx. However, it is essential that the hygiene department can route effectively this time and continue testing.

Experts say there is a need to review the network of collection sites and laboratories to ensure that positive people get timely care. “There is a need to appeal to GPs to follow up positive patients and refer them for further necessary treatment on time, and monoclonal antibodies should be administered to those at risk,” the document says.

“For a possible autumn wave, all those who test positive should be contacted or tested in primary care. Those who are positive should contact their physician, who will determine the next course of action-i.e., whether early treatment with outpatient antivirals or administration of monoclonal antibodies to covid, “the group adds.

Vaccination rates are declining

The problem is that a significant enough proportion of the population is unlikely to be vaccinated by autumn to create the so-called collective immunity for which experts say at least 70 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated. According to the latest statistics, this may not happen until 19 November.

However, the vaccination rate continues to fall sharply, mainly due to the lack of interest of the Czech population. For example, health officials administered some 33 000 doses of the covid vaccine on Tuesday, 15 800 fewer than a week earlier. More than 11 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in the Czech Republic since vaccination began late last December. 5.38 million people have completed vaccinations.