Winter Makes a Strong Return

On the final turn of the week, following a brief warming period, temperatures are set to plummet. Over the weekend, 30 centimeters of snow might fall in the mountains. The wintry weather, with snow showers, will persist into next week, with the highest temperatures hovering around freezing.

“On Thursday, the weather in the Czech Republic will be temporarily influenced by a warm front, so temperatures will quickly rise. However, on Friday, following the passage of a cold front, cold air from the northwest will instate winter-like weather,” summarized Honsová.

On Thursday, it will be mostly cloudy, and in the north of the country, precipitation will begin to multiply as the cloud cover increases, which will be snowy or mixed in higher elevations. A strong wind is also expected. Nevertheless, temperatures will range between 4 and 8 °C.

Friday will bring overcast weather, accompanied by rain or showers over most of the territory, which will be snowy from higher elevations. Morning lows will drop to 7 to 3 °C, and temperatures will reach 4 to 8 °C during the day. Strong wind is also expected early in the day.

“We expect about 30 centimeters of snow to fall on the peaks of the Krkonoše and Krušné Mountains over the weekend, and snowflakes are expected from about 300 meters above sea level,” the meteorologist stated.

It will be mostly cloudy to overcast on Saturday, with local snowfall or snow showers. Raindrops will only appear in the lowest elevations. In the morning, temperatures will drop to 0 to -6 °C; during the day, they will rise to -2 to 3 °C at the highest.

Furthermore, it will be predominantly cloudy to overcast on Sunday, and snowfall or snow showers will appear over most of the territory again. Morning lows will stay in the 0 to -6 °C range, and daytime highs will reach -2 to 3 °C.

The outlook from Monday to Wednesday currently promises cloudy weather. On Monday, showers will appear in places, and on Tuesday and Wednesday, only sporadically. In the morning, temperatures will drop to -1 to -5 °C; during the day, they will stay between -2 and 3 °C.