Wolves Spotted in Urban Areas: Concerns Over Safety of Pets and Humans

Wolves, who have been observed several times in recent years in the Beskids and near larger villages in Novy Jicin, are becoming bolder and reaching even the most significant cities. This is evidenced by footage taken on Saturday in settlement of Stipky near Silherovice, about four kilometers from the borders of Ostrava.

One of the residents took the footage while walking in the forest. Subsequently, they were published on social media by his acquaintance, Martina Mullerova, the operator of a local dog breeding station. “Dog owners, be careful with your four-legged companions! It can move anywhere in Hlucinsko,” said the breeder. Footage of the wolf, which reacted to the author’s video whistle by running away, subsequently began to spread on the internet.

The growing presence of wolves in more urban areas is concerning, as they can threaten pets and humans. While wolves typically avoid human contact, they may become more aggressive if they feel threatened or struggle to find food. Authorities in the area advise caution and encourage residents to report wolf sightings to local officials.

Repeated wolf sightings have been recorded in recent years, especially in the Beskids. These animals have repeatedly attacked sheep flocks, causing significant financial losses for local farmers. While there have been calls to cull the wolf population, others argue that non-lethal methods, such as increased security for livestock and public education about wolf behavior, could be more effective in preventing conflicts between humans and wolves. This ongoing debate highlights the challenges of balancing conservation efforts with the needs of local communities.