YouTubers Disgrace President’s Residence, Not From the Czech Republic

A video posted by two British YouTubers operating under the channel Wolfpack Adventures has caused outrage as they rode their mountain bikes through Prague Castle. The video titled “Angry Guy Tried to Fight Me & Kicked My Bike!” showcases the YouTubers speeding through the streets of Prague and eventually entering the grounds of Prague Castle, where they even perform stunts on the Castle Steps. The video has garnered criticism from viewers who find such behavior disrespectful to the historic site.

The incident caught the attention of a concerned Prague resident, who shared his frustration on social media. He expressed disappointment in the lack of respect shown by the two bikers towards Czech culture, history, and authorities. The resident contacted Prague Castle Administration, and an email response from the tourism department director acknowledged the issue and mentioned that the matter had been forwarded to the Castle Police for further investigation.

However, Prague Castle remained silent, and the police claimed they did not know about the incident. When questioned about the dangerous biking shown in the video, the Czech Road Safety Information Service (BESIP) initially promised a response but did not provide one.

The actions of the YouTubers have generated significant backlash, with many viewers expressing their disapproval of such disrespectful behavior towards a renowned cultural and historical landmark. Prague Castle Administration has taken the matter seriously and referred it to the Castle Police, urging them to involve the state police in the investigation. The incident highlights the need for better safeguards and regulations to protect historic sites and ensure visitors adhere to respectful conduct.