Žižkov Square in Prague 3 Gets a Makeover with New Amenities and Outdoor Gallery

Praha 3

The upper part of Žižkov Square in Prague 3 has transformed with the installation of intelligent public lighting, a public toilet, and an outdoor gallery. The gallery will serve as an exhibition space for the nearby arts and crafts school.

The future also promises a coffee and food truck to help turn the square into a full-fledged space for relaxation and neighborly gatherings. The renovation is part of the city’s effort to create more inviting public spaces.

The redesign of Žižkov Square is meant to make it a place where people can rest and interact more easily. The renovation includes the replacement of the old cobblestone pavement with a more even and rain-absorbent surface.

Additionally, the installation of public lighting will make the square safer and more comfortable to use, with the added benefit of being able to dim the lights at night to conserve energy.

The square also received new trees, shrubs, perennial gardens, updated benches, and a new public toilet. The new amenities will create a more welcoming environment for locals and visitors. Finally, the new outdoor gallery, which features panels that showcase the history and artwork of the nearby arts and crafts school, is an example of how public spaces can promote art and culture.

The renovation of Žižkov Square is an excellent example of how thoughtful design can make public spaces more inviting, safe, and functional. The project provides a model for future initiatives to transform urban spaces into welcoming areas for people to gather, interact, and relax.