700 U.S. Soldiers Pass through the Czech Republic


Early Sunday morning, the first part of the convoy of American soldiers arrived in Ranov, Jihlava.

For a NATO exercise in Hungary, US troops are entering Czechia from Germany. They’ll sleep in a tent camp set up by Czech soldiers for them. On Saturday, the Americans crossed into Czech territory near Rozvadov shortly after 8:30 p.m.

In the evening, they set off again, leaving the Czech Republic at the Beclav border crossing. The convoy’s remaining two sections will arrive in the Czech Republic today and Monday evening.

Around 700 American soldiers passed through the Czech Republic, with around 150 pieces of equipment, according to John Ambelang, a spokesman for the 2nd Cavalry Regiment from Vilseck. According to Czech sources, the number may be as high as 190. They’re on their way to the Saber Guardian 2021 exercise, part of the NATO Defender Europe 2021 alliance exercise.