A bear is running near Prague- frightened people have reported it to the police

An extensive search operation near Prague: a helicopter and dozens of police officers searched for a bear near Dolní Břežany. The lawmen received a report of the beast’s movement on Monday afternoon. But the animal has not been found yet.

“Someone sent a video to the town office in Dolní Břežany where a Czech-speaking girl can be heard talking about the bear. The footage shows he was supposed to be somewhere in Dolní Břežany,” reporter Matěj Rychlý described the situation.

Police called the man who sent the video. He was supposed to have gotten it from a friend. “Police officers drove through the entire Břežany valley and did not find a road similar to the one captured in the video. Eventually, they declared that the video was probably not from here and ended the whole operation, ” the reporter added.

Avoiding eye contact

“The theoretical possibility is always there because carnivores belong to the normal European nature. But I think they can stray at most to the Beskydy Mountains, not directly to Prague. I would probably locate the animal by its tracks, and then we would put it to sleep, ” said Tomáš Machač, a breeder of beasts.

According to the breeder, if you come across a bear in the wild, you must tread carefully and avoid eye contact.