A driver in Prague ran away from a patrol, and he was stopped only by gunfire

Policie ČR

Police tried to stop a 27-year-old man in Prague on Wednesday, but he ran away from the police patrol. He was stopped only by gunfire from a policeman’s service pistol. He was driving under the influence of drugs and without a driving license.

Officers attempted to stop the driver on Na Balkáně Street, but he eluded them. He drove onto the sidewalks and on the tramway, violating the signs. A few minutes later, he drove into opposing traffic and collided with a parked vehicle on  U Kněžské louky Street.

The driver got out of the vehicle and started to run away from the officers into Nad Lukami Street. During the pursuit of the suspect, one of the officers used a serving pistol to fire a warning shot, “police spokeswoman Violeta Siřišťová said.

This terrified the man who decided to surrender. Officers later discovered that he was prohibited from driving and had tested positive for drugs. The driver was arrested for obstructing the execution of an official decision.