A man convicted of attempted murder poured boiling water on a fellow inmate

The High Court in Olomouc upheld the nine-year sentence of Jakub Janeczek, who two years ago poured boiling water on his cellmate. He was sent to prison after he tried to murder his friend with a screwdriver.

According to the indictment, Jakub Janeczko heated water to the boiling point in a kettle and then poured it over the head and neck of his sleeping cellmate. He caused scalds and burns over 12 percent of his body. 

From the beginning of the trial, Janeczko defended himself by saying he did not remember anything and that the witnesses were lying. But the court said the evidence and the witnesses’ testimony spoke clearly.

“The Court of Appeals finds that the defendant’s guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. This is so both with the witness testimony, the expert testimony, and the defendant’s motive. He allegedly believed that the victim had infected him,” prosecutor Jaroslav Kandráč said.

This is not the first time Janeczko has used a very unusual and brutal method of attack to resolve disputes. In 2012, he was drinking with his friend. But then he accused him of seducing his girlfriend and stabbed him in the temple area with a screwdriver. He was given ten years for attempted murder at the time.