A man puts on a mask right under the camera before a robbery in Prague

Policie ČR

A man suspected by police of robbing a grocery store in Prague has acted rather carelessly. A security camera caught him, putting a mask over his face. Investigators say he stormed into the store, threatened the clerk with a knife, and took all the bills from the cash register. Police are searching for the man.

Police spokeswoman Violeta Siřišťová reported on the case on Friday. The assault took place last Tuesday on Náchodská Street in Prague 9.

“A masked man entered the establishment and headed straight for the counter, behind which was the attendant. He held a knife in his hand and threatened the clerk that he would stab her if she didn’t give him money within a minute. Fearing for her life, the woman opened the till; the suspect put all the banknotes in a plastic bag and then calmly left the place,” Siřišťová said. Police did not specify how much money the suspect took.

During the investigation, it turned out that a security camera near the store caught the male suspect putting on a mask before the robbery.

“If you recognize him or know his whereabouts, please call 158,” the spokeswoman added.

People who call Crimestoppers are looking into the case as a robbery, which means the person who did it could get up to 10 years in prison if they get caught.