A nine-year-old schoolgirl raised thousands for Ukraine

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The war in Ukraine affects adults and children in the Czech Republic. The suffering of Ukrainians fleeing the war has also involved nine-year-old Adéla Pavláta from Pavlov in Kladno.

She is used to helping out; she and her friends immediately organized an event where she sold her products in a local pub and raised over seven thousand crowns.

The three girls then went to a local pub with their handicrafts. “My friend and I came home, took the things, and agreed with the innkeeper that he would give us a table on Friday evening because that’s when most people come to the small village,” Adéla explained.

“This is what got us.”

Adéla’s parents, of course, did not stay on the sidelines and immediately supported their daughter, who divides her time between school, quad racing, gymnastics, piano, and horse riding.

“We thought it was a great idea, and it was very touching. We know she’s smart, but this got us,” said father Tomas Pavlat, not hiding his emotion.

The innkeeper, who publicized the unexpected event, did not stand aside either. As a result, locals who would not otherwise go for a beer and people from the surrounding villages came to his establishment on Friday evening.

At the end of the evening, there were over seven thousand crowns in the jar. “Over the weekend, we then worked out which humanitarian organization to send it to so that one hundred percent of the amount would reach the people in need,” added the proud father.