A vandal sprayed rocks in Bohemian Switzerland

An unknown vandal sprayed rocks in the Edmundova Souteska in the National Park of Bohemian Switzerland. The inscription is about 10 square meters in size. Police are searching for the perpetrator.

The vandal sprayed the inscription in the gorge near the tourist shelter between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. “The ferrymen discovered it from Saturday to Sunday. Respectively, on Sunday morning, Saturday afternoon, when they were leaving work, it was not there yet,” national park spokesman Tomáš Salov noted.

The inscription is about 10 square meters long and is located at the beginning of Edmundova Souteska on the side of Hřensko. Police found another inscription on a sandstone stone in Hřensko near the I/62 road. The damage related to the cost of removal was preliminarily estimated at ten thousand crowns.

The inscription will probably be removed. The administration has invited a specialized company to clean the graffiti within the next two weeks. “The paint must not be too old. If it took longer, it probably could not be cleaned without damaging the surface of the rock,” Salov said.