A Week of Two Halves: Czech Weather Swings from Warm to Frosty

The weather in the Czech Republic is set to switch dramatically this week, with temperatures fluctuating from around 12°C to freezing conditions, even during the daytime. This information comes courtesy of meteorologist Dagmar Honsová, who announced that the most frigid day of the week will be Wednesday, when snowflakes may fall even in the lowlands.

St. Catherine’s Week will offer significant temperature jumps, from 12°C on Monday to a so-called ice day on Wednesday. The highest afternoon temperatures will remain below freezing on this day, especially in the higher altitudes.

A low-pressure area will influence Monday’s weather, resulting in a mostly overcast day with rain or showers, which could be substantial in the northern parts of the country. Despite afternoon temperatures reaching 8 to 12°C, the wind will make it feel more relaxed.

Tuesday will be mostly cloudy, and there will again be rain or showers in some places. In the evening, it will start to cool down, and more cloudiness will come from the north. It will start snowing in the mountains, with the snowline lowering to around 400 meters above sea level. Morning temperatures will drop to 7 to 3°C, while afternoon temperatures will rise to 5 to 10°C.

Wednesday will be the coldest day of the week, with a chilly northern flow in higher altitudes preventing temperatures from rising above freezing. It will be mostly cloudy with occasional snow showers. In the morning, when temperatures will be between 0 and -4°C, icy conditions may form in places. During the day, temperatures will stay between -2 and 3°C.

Thursday will see a change in weather due to the passage of a warm front, the edge of which will also affect our territory. Initially, it will be partly cloudy, but it will gradually become overcast, and precipitation will occur, which may occasionally be freezing. Morning lows will drop to -1 to -6°C, but during the day, temperatures should reach 2 to 7°C.

Another frontal system will influence the weather on Friday, which will be mostly cloudy with rain or showers and snowy from higher altitudes. The lowest temperatures at night will drop to 5 to 0°C, while during the day, the highs will reach 4 to 8°C. Fresh wind is expected on Thursday and Friday.

The outlook for both weekend days promises overcast conditions, with rain or showers on most of the territory, which will be snowy from higher altitudes. Morning lows will drop to 4 to -2°C on both days, while during the day, temperatures will most commonly range between 4 and 8°C.