Hurricane Hits Sněžka, The Highest Peak In Czech Republic

Dana Kysučanová

The peak in the Czech Republic, Sněžka, was hit by a hurricane-like wind on Sunday. The wind speed reached more than 127 kilometers per hour at 12:30 pm, according to data from the Anežka post office’s weather station. The hurricane threshold is 117.7 kilometers per hour, indicating the intensity of the weather phenomenon.

The strong winds caused disruptions in the operations of the Sněžka cable car. The upper section of the cable car did not operate on Sunday due to safety concerns. However, the lower area from Pec pod Sněžkou to Růžová hora remained operational. Cable cars on Sněžka can use up to wind speeds of 60 kilometers per hour, according to the operators’ website. The wind did not affect the operation of other cable cars in the Giant Mountains over the weekend.

The temperature at 1603 meters high Sněžka, which has a unique climate among the Giant Mountains, was around zero degrees Celsius at 6 pm. However, the felt temperature was significantly lower due to the strong winds, around minus ten degrees Celsius. In the morning, the temperature at Sněžka was around minus five degrees Celsius, with the felt temperature dropping to -15 °C.

Snowfall was also recorded on the ridges of the Giant Mountains; for instance, around 20 centimeters of snow was measured at Luční bouda, which is at a height of 1415 meters. This marks the first significant continuous layer of snow for the upcoming winter in the foothills of the Giant Mountains. However, meteorologists predict that the constant snow cover in the foothills will likely melt in the coming days due to warming. Still, it should remain in the highest areas of the Giant Mountains.

Sněžka is shaped like a three-sided pyramid that stands freely into the atmosphere above the Giant Mountain ridges. Despite its not very high altitude, its climate is arctic and high-mountain, often not reflecting the overall character of the weather in the Giant Mountains.