A woman from Plzeň fell into the trap of scammers, losing more than CZK 35,000

Another person has fallen victim to online scammers. Unknown perpetrators offered a woman from Plzeň the opportunity to date a South Korean actor. Then she lost CZK 35,000only to find out that it was a scam.  She responded to an e-mail from a foreign country, claiming to represent well-known South Korean actors.

“They approached her with an offer to see if she would be interested in meeting one of them,” police spokeswoman Veronika Hokrová commented on Thursday.

She didn’t give information about the actor name that the woman would hypothetically meet.  The woman was lured after receiving a written agreement that requested her contact details and more than CZK 35,000 to a foreign account as payment for the actor’s visit to the Czech Republic.

According to the spokeswoman, the lady had also received a foreign-language mediation contract, confirmation of payment, and information on the actor’s arrival date so that the scam would look more realistic.

The scammers demanded an additional $ 15,000. “The money would be allegedly used to ensure the actor’s safety. The woman realized that she had fallen into the trap of the scammers, did not transfer any more of the required money to the fraudsters, and immediately reported the incident to the authorities.