A woman went to report her stolen car in Brno but the story took an unexpected turn

Photo:Policie ČR

A woman from Brno experienced a weird story that came out with a good ending. First, a thief stole her car from the garage of her family home, but when she went to report everything, she saw the stolen car in front of the police station. It was only a matter of moments before the men were apprehended.

The 27-year-old thief broke into the house at the end of October, located in the Bystrc area of the city. He damaged the garage door and took everything he could find. Among other things, an electric bicycle and the keys to the car with which he drove away.

The owner discovered the unpleasant fact in the morning and went to the police station with her daughter to report everything. When she left the police station for the office, luck was on her side.

“The recently stolen Subaru was seen right in front of her. So the woman used the emergency line to alert the police, who followed the car. However, by then, the two-person crew in the stolen car had noticed the police behind them and tried to escape, said police spokesman Petr Vala.

However, the driver could not run away because he ended up on a dead-end street, where he was blocked. The man then tried to flee on foot, but a patrol car was on the scene and arrested him by then.

Officers discovered that the man had an extensive history of burglaries and thefts. “As a bonus, the driver, who had several valid driving bans, refused to submit to a drug test without a particular reason, soo he went straight from the scene to the police cell,” summarized Vala