According To Forbes, Alena Schillerová Is Still The Most Powerful Woman In The Czech Republic.

According to Forbes magazine, Finance Minister Alena Schillerová (ANO) is still the most powerful woman in the Czech Republic. The other two positions have remained unchanged, with EU Commissioner Věra Jourová in second place and Prague’s chief prosecutor Lenka Bradáčová in third. Renáta Kellnerová is ranked fourth, while Petra Kutnarová, co-owner of construction firm DEK, is ranked tenth.

Although the succession proceedings have not yet been completed, Renáta Kellnerová was appointed administrator of the estate at the end of May and now controls a three-hundred-billion-dollar fortune. Jana Maláová (ČSSD), Minister of Labour and Social Affairs in the ANO-ČSSD coalition government, remained in the same seventh spot as last year. Renata Mrázová, the eighth-ranked Home Credit personnel director last year, and Ivana Tykač, the real estate entrepreneur and creator of the Women for Women non-profit organization, slid out of the top 10 from tenth to 12th this year.

This is the sixth year that Forbes has released its list of the most powerful women. This year, it includes 150 famous Czech women from various professions, including politics, business, and non-profit work. The editorial team tracked more than 350 women; the broader selection was comprised of business owners, managers, women working in the public realm, finance, or justice. The Forbes editorial team also tracks the non-profit sector, women in culture, and women in sports.

Based on the approach of the American Forbes, the editors evaluated individual women in each category based on numerous criteria. Forbes considers the financial results of enterprises and acquisitions, the number of employees and customers, and the amount of money they directly control.