An apartment building will replace the former Brno erotic club Moulin Rouge

Igor Zehl

One of the most visible remnants of the 1990s in Brno, the Moulin Rouge erotic club on the corner of Slovákova and Kounicova streets on the broader city center, is being demolished by workers these days. It will be replaced by a building with 36 flats, built by the developer Winning Estate of the Brno-based Winning Group.

According to Ondřej Blaha, CEO and member of the board of directors of Winning PS, the former pavilion house from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries were not suitable for conversion into flats due to its layout and static condition.

“The original building had already been extended once in the 1990s, and its static condition did not allow further major modifications. The original purpose of the building was as a girls’ boarding school, which was the basis for the layout of the existing rooms, which were unsuitable for the creation of residential units,” Blaha said.

In addition to 36 flats with layouts ranging from 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom, the new building will also have underground parking and two commercial units. It should be ready in 2024.

The original pavilion house was a testament to the city’s growth beyond its historic core, said Michal Doležel (TOP 09), a South Moravian regional councilor specializing in monuments and history. In the early 1990s, the building received a garish pink paint job and a flood of neon lights, and after 2000, another renovation took place, adding another floor to the building.