An Extravagant Event at the Prague Castle

The Rudolfinum Gallery at Prague Castle is set to transform into a training center on Thursday, October 12th, where businesspeople with tickets ranging from 17,000 to 228,000 Czech koruna will learn the secrets of successful communication. One of the event’s main attractions is a lecture by Jana Vohralíková, the castle chancellor, who has a long-standing relationship with the organizers and claims to provide her lecture for free.

Organized by the Empiria 21 Business Club, the conference titled “Klíč komunikace” (Key of Communication) rents the Rudolfinum Gallery and the Široká Chodba from the Prague Castle Administration for 225,000 Czech koruna excluding VAT. Following the conference, tickets are sold at different price levels: 17,000 (silver), 23,000 (gold), 30,000 (gold plus), 49,000 (VIP), and 228,000 Czech koruna (VIP diamond).

This event promises attendees the opportunity to understand people, grasp nonverbal communication signals, improve the quality of their relationships, and gain new knowledge and skills. Participants will enhance their negotiation and conflict resolution abilities and learn to read people like the most famous FBI agents and diplomats. It also offers networking opportunities with individuals one would want to have in their contacts.

The event is expected to have a maximum attendance of 300 people, according to the contract between the Prague Castle Administration and Empiria 21.

The event’s highlight will be a thirty-minute speech by Chancellor Vohralíková, who will share insights on the secrets of negotiation at the highest level and hopes for a better future.

The presence of Chancellor Vohralíková comes as no surprise, as she has known the event organizers for a long time. A picture of her with Lucie Libovická, the executive director of Empiria 21, and Radim Pařík, one of the speakers, was taken five months ago during a toast at the World Book Festival. Libovická published the photo on LinkedIn along with an invitation to the event at Prague Castle.

When asked why she would speak for free while tickets range from 17,000 to 228,000 Czech koruna, Vohralíková responded, “Why wouldn’t I speak? I am neither a lecturer nor a negotiator.”

Vohralíková downplays her role as the main attraction, stating that Joe Navarra is the true star. Following her speech, the former agent of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation will present a lecture on the secrets of body language.

The event will continue with discussions on handling egos, led by Pařík as the president of the Negotiators Association. Attendees will also have the opportunity for personal training of their choice. Afterward, the program for silver, gold, and gold-plus ticket holders will conclude, allowing them to return home before 5 p.m.

VIP and VIP diamond ticket holders will enjoy an evening with celebrities and personalities. VIP diamond ticket holders will also receive a ticket to a two-day conference in Zurich, along with luxury private air transportation. This conference took place on Thursday and Friday.

The ticket prices include name tags, writing materials, refreshments, a “luxury gift,” and a bottle of wine. There will also be discounts on books by Navarra, with VIP ticket holders receiving a book with a dedication.

The Prague Castle will provide cleaning services and fire, security, technical, electrical, and plumbing assistance. They will also arrange for cloakroom attendants, chairs, tables, and podiums. The expenses incurred by the organizers will be calculated separately. Vohralíková stated that the lessee pays the same conference price as other entities organizing events.

According to Petra Fučík from the press department, the prices are based on the “methodological guideline from 2019 for determining the process and setting contractual prices for organizing conferences, social, and cultural events at Prague Castle.”

The selection process follows the old rules, although Vohralíková mentioned establishing two working groups to prepare new rules for next year.

The Empiria 21 Business Club, s.r.o., was established in October 2014. The executives are Lucie Libovická and Vít Libovický, with the headquarters located in Horní Jirčany near Jesenice u Prahy.

The Prague Castle chancellor has not responded to inquiries. Still, David Šikula, a spokesperson for the Negotiators Association, stated that around 200 tickets were sold across all categories, including the most expensive one that includes the trip to Zurich.