Travel Agencies Suspend Trips to Israel After Recent Attacks

In the wake of the recent attacks by Palestinian radicals on Israel, domestic travel agencies have decided to cancel trips to Israel for several weeks. Jan Papež, the Vice Chairman of the Association of Travel Agencies in the Czech Republic, made the announcement. Clients who do not wish to return to the Czech Republic immediately will continue with their scheduled trips, while those who choose to return will do so via regular flights. Papež stated that there are no plans for repatriation flights at this time.

Due to the situation in Israel, some flights between Prague and Tel Aviv have been canceled or delayed. Václav Havel Airport has advised passengers to monitor the websites of their respective airlines for updates. In light of the attack by radicals from the Palestinian group Hamas on Israel and the subsequent retaliation by the Jewish state, numerous airlines worldwide have canceled dozens of Saturday and Sunday flights to Israel over security concerns.

Papež confirmed on Saturday that approximately 200 Czech citizens in Israel with travel agencies are safe. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech citizens who have independently traveled to Israel are also reported to be safe.

Palestinian radical group Hamas attacked Israel on Saturday morning, prompting extensive Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. Concerns exist that the conflict, which has already claimed hundreds of lives and resulted in numerous casualties, could escalate and spread to other parts of the region.