ANO would win the election

Jan Handrejch

According to the Median model, the ANO movement would win the election in September with 30.5 % of the vote. The ODS would have 16 %, the SPD 11.5 %, and the Pirates 11 %. The model attributed 6 percent support to TOP 09 and 5.5 percent to STAN.

The Social Democrats would get 4.5 percent, Oath 3 percent, and the People’s Party, like the KSČM, 2.5 percent. The Tricolor and the Greens would equally receive 2 percent support.

“The parties of the SPOLU coalition would receive a simple sum of 24.5 percent, while the Pirates and STAN coalition would receive 16.5 percent,” the agency said.

“If the ANO movement were to get votes from all voters who plan to vote for the movement and do not rule out participating in the elections, it would get 34 votes,” the agency said of the electoral potential, which is 22.5 percent for ODS, 15.9 percent for SPD and 17 percent for Pirates. Ideally, TOP 09 would reach 12.1 percent and STAN 14.5 percent.

According to the survey, 57.5 percent of respondents would participate in the elections, while another 15 percent would consider participating.

The survey was conducted from 1 to 30 September and involved 1,010 respondents.