Apartments in the Czech Republic are becoming more expensive regardless of coronavirus

Prices of older flats in the Czech Republic at the end of the first quarter rose by an average of 22.5 percent resulting in 80,367 czk per square meter.  Prague happens to be the most expensive (104,103 czk per square meter), while Usti nad Labem area was the least expensive (25,819 crowns).

Coronavirus did not stop the price increase. In Prague, an older apartment is now being sold for over 100,000 crowns per square meter. This was the price at which apartments could be purchased in mid-2018. Prices in Brno surpassed 70,000 crowns per square meter for the first time according to Hendrik Meyer, the director of Bezrealitky.

The most expensive flats outside of Prague were in the South Moravian Region (70,923 czk per square meter) and the Central Bohemian Region (58,705 czk). The cheapest Ústí nad Labem region was followed by the Moravian-Silesian region (33,145 czk) and Vysočina (34,036 czk).

The Liberec Region saw the greatest increase in prices with 57.1 percent. Ústí nad Labem Region saw an increase of 42.8 percent, whereas Hradec Králové Region increased by less than two-fifths.

The average price of older family houses in the Czech Republic increased by 12% to 42,624 czk per square meter at the end of the first quarter. With an average price of 77,103 czk per square meter, Prague was the most expensive, followed by Central Bohemia (54,440 czk), South Moravia (43,430 czk), and the Karlovy Vary area (33,562 czk). The cheapest buildings, on the other hand, were in the Zln Region (24,335 czk), the st Region (25,657 czk), and the Vysoina Region (24,335 czk) (26,727 czk).