April showers will continue

Jaroslav Soukup

April weather will offer partly cloudy and cloudy skies for the rest of the week, with occasional showers and isolated thunderstorms over the weekend. Afternoon temperatures will be around 17 °C, according to meteorologist Dagmar Honsová.

Thursday will see variable cloud cover, with more of it in the north and west of the country. Some rain will happen more often in that area, and the temperature will rise from 11 to 15 °C in the afternoon.

Friday will bring partly cloudy to cloudy skies. Rain or showers will occur locally in the afternoon. In the morning, temperatures will drop to 6-2 °C, then rise to 12-16 °C in the afternoon.

“On Saturday, it will be partly cloudy at the start of the day, with showers or rain in places during the day. Isolated thunderstorms will form. Morning temperatures will drop to 7-3 °C, while daytime temperatures will be between 13 and 17 °C, “Honsová said.

Prevailing cloudy skies will last through Sunday. Clouds will start to increase during the day, and showers or rain will appear in most areas. In the morning, temperatures will drop to 8-4 °C, then rise to 13-17 °C in the afternoon.