Artificial Intelligence Dominates Czech Companies

An increasing number of Czech companies are embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool to improve performance and efficiency. A recent survey by Manpower reveals that most Czech firms are already using or plan to start using AI tools within the next year. Over 525 employers across various sectors participated in the survey, showcasing a broad engagement with AI.

However, the implementation of AI tools is not without challenges. Companies anticipate the need to retrain existing employees to adapt to innovative tools. The survey highlighted the employees’ resistance to change as the biggest obstacle to AI adoption. Concerns arise from high implementation costs, insufficient employee skills to use these technologies effectively, and potential data security breaches.

Despite these concerns, the majority of Czech firms see AI as a significant potential, aligning with the global trend. Worldwide, 72% of companies expect a positive impact from AI use on their business. The most optimistic about AI implementation are those in the highest managerial positions in Czech firms, with 70% considering AI use as the right step towards the future.

On the other hand, a report from Goldman Sachs last year suggested that AI could replace up to 300 million jobs worldwide. However, AI could also lead to the creation of new jobs and increased productivity across various sectors.

In conclusion, AI’s rise is inevitable, with companies like ChatGPT leading the charge. They offer a chat system that can generate various texts, including articles, essays, jokes, and poetry, based on simple queries. The future of AI seems promising, but with it comes the responsibility to manage the transition wisely, ensuring the workforce is not left behind in the process.