Attempt to Bribe Members of Evaluation Committee for Prague Metro D Construction Tender

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has filed a criminal complaint with the Prague High Prosecutor’s Office over an attempt to bribe members of the evaluation committee for the construction tender of the second section of the D Metro Line from Olbrachtova to Nové Dvory. According to DPP’s head of communication, Daniel Šabík, some members of the eleven-member committee received an email, signed with a fictitious name, containing threats before their decision-making. The email warned of imprisonment if they decided to exclude the offer of the PORR association. DPP considers such practices unacceptable and as an attempt to influence a public contract.

DPP has also received information about a planned negative media campaign against the company and selected individuals. However, the company trusts that it will not be confirmed eventually. In the opposite case, DPP will defend itself legally. ČTK is investigating the reaction of the PORR association.

The management of DPP unanimously decided on the contractor for the second section of the D Metro Line at the beginning of September based on the commission’s unanimous recommendation. The construction of the first part of the line between Pankrác and Olbrachtova began last year. The association led by Subterra was successful in the tender for the adjacent section with an offered price of approximately CZK 30 billion without VAT. The company’s management also excluded the association of companies led by PORR from the tender due to significant deficiencies in the offer. PORR plans to file an objection against it.

The construction sector is aggressive in itself when acquiring contracts, but such intimidation is unacceptable, said the chairman of the trade union organization of the Electric Railways of the Prague Public Transit Company, Roman Slanina. He added that the unions stand and will always stand behind DPP’s employees, especially when they make a decision that is not influenced by threats.

DPP cannot yet conclude a contract with the winning company since the Office is dealing with the tender for the Protection of Competition (ÚOHS), and that is at the proposal of Metrostav DIZ. According to the office, DPP set discriminatory tender conditions regarding proof of technical qualifications, specifically the submission of reference orders related to elevator deliveries. The company disagrees with the decision and has filed a complaint with the chairman of the office, Petr Mlsna, who has not yet decided on the matter.

The construction of the new line of the Prague Metro began last year, and the section between Pankrác and Olbrachtova is currently under construction. The section from Olbrachtova to Nové Dvory is supposed to follow. The last section to be built will be from Nové Dvory to Depo Písnice. Hochtief, Subterra, and Strabag are carrying out the construction of the first section.