Škoda Auto to Restart Production in Kvasiny After Floods Disrupt Supply Chain

Škoda Auto, the Czech automobile manufacturer, is set to resume production at its Kvasiny plant after a week-long shutdown caused by a supply chain disruption. The disruption was triggered by a sub-supplier in Slovenia that was hit by floods, which damaged its production facilities.

The plant is set to resume production on Sunday evening, with the lines at Kvasiny and partly at Mladá Boleslav running at a reduced capacity. The automaker has also increased production of its fully electric model, Enyaq, according to Škoda Auto’s spokeswoman, Ivana Povolná.

The sub-supplier in Slovenia can still deliver parts only in a limited scope and is working on fully resuming production. The shortage of components has affected the entire Volkswagen Group, with Škoda Auto having previously announced that the missing part was a ring gear for the dual-mass flywheel for internal combustion engine models of Škoda and other group brands.

Povolná added that the company is also focusing on increasing the daily production capacity of Enyaq, which is not affected by the supply chain disruption.

With the resumption of production, Škoda Auto aims to mitigate the impact of the supply chain disruption and minimize the production shortfall caused by a possible shortage of components in the upcoming week. The company will consider reducing the number of shifts depending on the availability of parts for individual models with internal combustion engines.

Despite the disruption, Škoda Auto has maintained its production of the Enyaq, which is part of its fully electric range of cars. The company has been ramping up its production of electric vehicles in recent years, with the Enyaq marking its first fully electric SUV.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already disrupted the supply chain for many automakers, and the recent floods in Europe have added to the challenges. The supply chain disruptions have highlighted the importance of having resilient and reliable supply chains.

With the resumption of production, Škoda Auto is looking to bounce back from the supply chain disruption and continue its push towards electric vehicles. The company has set ambitious targets for its electric vehicle production and hopes to become a leading player in the electric vehicle market.