Avalanches can appear in the Jeseníky Mountains

Vítězslav Dokoupil

On Thursday, the Jeseníky Mountains declared the third level of avalanche danger on the five-point scale, which means considerable risk. In the last two days, up to 40 cm of snow has fallen on the mountains, and the snow fell in strong winds, Jakub Fabián, a dispatcher for the Jeseníky mountain service, said.

At 1,300 meters above sea level, there is now about a meter of snow, with more snow on the windward slopes, the Jeseníky Mountain Service said on its website today. Avalanches threaten to fall in avalanche catastrophes that lie off marked routes in the Jeseníky Mountains.

The dispatcher warned that visitors to the mountains should heed the warnings of the mountain service and follow its information.

Experts describe level three as a critical or very treacherous situation. It is usually declared in 30 percent of the winter season, and it accounts for up to half of all avalanche accidents.

The third level, i.e., considerable danger, is being declared for the first time in the current winter season in the mountains; last year, mountain rescuers announced it several times in the Jeseníky Mountains. It is often when 30 centimeters of snowfall in 24 hours, and there is a high probability that a slab avalanche may be released.

The third avalanche danger level has also been declared in the Krkonoše Mountains and has been in force there since Wednesday.