Be Alert: Police Operation “Easter” to Ensure Safe Roads

During the Easter period, police officers will be supervising public order in the streets of cities and ensuring safe traffic on roads throughout the Czech Republic.

This has been happening regularly for several years because more drivers than usual travel long distances to visit their relatives during Easter. According to police experience, more “holiday” drivers without experience with demanding travel also get behind the wheel.

According to a press release from the police presidency, the “Easter” traffic safety operation will start on Thursday, April 6, and run until Monday, April 10.

“The police will primarily focus their attention on areas with high traffic volumes, tourist areas, and high-risk areas where the most serious violations of traffic rules occur and where traffic accidents most often occur,” said Hana Rubášová, spokesperson for the Czech police presidency.

During the inspection campaign, traffic police officers will focus on compliance with the maximum allowed speed, driving behavior, the use of safety belts and restraint systems, and the inspection of documents required for driving and operating motor vehicles and the technical condition of vehicles.

“Furthermore, police officers will focus on whether drivers are fully focused on driving during the journey or whether they have consumed alcoholic beverages or other addictive substances before or during the journey,” reminded Hana Rubášová.

Motorcyclists will also not escape inspections under increased police surveillance, especially as they may be more likely to take to the roads for their first spring rides in more significant numbers during warmer weather and dry road conditions.