Bitcoin and Ethereum are still at this year’s high

Although bitcoin is still far from breaking the record since last week, the value of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency has been at its highest since last August. The same is true in pale blue for Ethereum, as data from the specialist server Coinmarketcap shows.

As recently as Wednesday last week, bitcoin was trading at CZK 482,070, according to Coinmarketcap, before climbing to CZK 544,450 on Thursday. The value was still rising slightly this week, and on Tuesday morning, the virtual coins were being offered for CZK 557,240.

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, the most famous cryptocurrency in the world traded for less than 400 thousand crowns. So far, the absolute record for the most famous cryptocurrency was set in November 2021, when it was offered for CZK 1,427,350.

The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, grew, with its value jumping from Tuesday’s 33,320 CZK to Wednesday’s 37,610 CZK last week. This week, on Tuesday morning, the exchange rate stood at 37,930 CZK. Ethereum’s value peaked in November last year, with the cryptocurrency trading at 104,970 CZK.

Virtually all of last year was marked by declines. The value of the entire cryptocurrency market fell by nearly $1.4 trillion, or CZK 31.2 trillion. Significant fluctuations in exchange rates were accompanied by the collapse of projects and companies, the most significant being the collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. The CNBC television server was recalled.