Bracing for Intense Snowfall and Icy Nights: A Meteorological Warning

Meteorologists have issued a warning for intense snowfall and icy nights, which are expected to affect even the lowlands. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) anticipates that most areas will experience freezing temperatures during the night leading into Tuesday. The chilling nights and mornings are expected to be repetitive, with frost appearing sporadically in the days following.

Alongside the frost, meteorologists are also predicting more intense snowfall in lower areas. The chilling nights are not the only concern. The frost is expected to return to most areas during Thursday and Friday nights, a forecast that meteorologists will continue to refine.

The night leading into Tuesday and the following morning are expected to be frosty across most areas except the southeast of Moravia. By Wednesday morning, frost will be confined to the Karlovy Vary region.

During Wednesday, there may be transient snowfall even in the middle and lower parts of the country. In the eastern half of the country, meteorologists have not ruled out more intense snowfall that could lead to the formation of a snow blanket. As always, meteorologists will provide more precise forecasts in the coming days.

On the night leading into Monday, temperatures in several locations dropped below -10°C, breaking several temperature records. The frost caused significant damage to fruit growers’ crops, with vineyards being particularly affected this time.