Is a Croatian Vacation Still Worth It?

The Czech Republic’s most favored summer vacation destination, Croatia, has seen a continuous price surge, with inflation hitting 4.9% in March. This has led to some souring experiences for vacationers visiting the Adriatic. Mainly when Croatian business owners, according to, hike their prices just as they did last year.

Preparations for the tourist season in Croatia are in full swing, and a crucial part of this is determining new prices. These will affect how much tourists, including those from the Czech Republic, spend on their seaside vacations there. “To start, it should be noted that prices in 2024 will be almost at their peak, perhaps even higher. One of the reasons is the locals’ effort to earn; the other is high inflation, which was 4.9% in March,” said the portal.

Accommodation costs in Dubrovnik and Split, two of Croatia’s most popular destinations, will remain the highest, just like in previous years. According to, an average stay in a four-star or five-star hotel will cost between 200 and 350 euros per person per night. Accommodation in a good mid-range hotel is around 150 euros, while Airbnb and private apartments will charge an average of 100 euros per person per night this season.

Dining in four-star and five-star restaurants in popular Croatian tourist destinations such as Dubrovnik, Split, and Hvar will cost around 80 euros for a two-course dinner without drinks and tips, according to A similar dinner in a mid-range restaurant will cost around 50 euros. A meal in a typical fast-food restaurant will cost between eight and ten euros. A scoop of ice cream in a restaurant or café will set you back between four and five euros.

However, these prices are all without drinks. To the meal cost, one needs to add an average of five euros for a half-liter of local draft beer or a third of a bottle of imported beer. A bottle of medium-quality wine will cost around 35 euros on average. A third of a bottle of mineral water in a restaurant will cost around four euros, and you can get a cappuccino in a café for the same price. The price of a mixed alcoholic drink or cocktail is expected to be around ten euros.

For those planning to cook during their vacation in Croatia, the prices of essential food items at the beginning of April were similar to those in the Czech Republic. However, with the start of the season and in resorts, they are likely to rise considerably.