Breaking News: Prague 8 Takes Action Against Scattered Electric Scooters!

Prague is taking action against electric scooters scattered in the middle of sidewalks or right in front of building entrances by creating new dedicated parking spaces. Prague 8 has joined this initiative.

Together with the city districts of Prague 2, 3, 7, and 8 and the electric mobility operators, they have begun gradually expanding parking areas for shared electric scooters. These scooter parking spaces should not be more than 150 meters apart. Prague’s 8th district shares this information on its website.

“We, along with other shared mobility providers like Nextbike, which operates silver bikes, Lime, and Bolt scooters and bikes, have formed a working group. Together, we negotiate with individual city districts to establish parking spots and public racks for bikes and scooters, aiming to prevent them from being parked anywhere on the streets,” stated Jan Střecha from Rekola Bikesharing.

Prague 8 currently has around 40 designated scooter parking spots. According to Martin Jedlička, representative of Prague 8 and Chairman of the Transport Commission, there are approximately 25 spots in Karlín. Additional spots can be found in Palmovka, with about ten in Ládví. “We want to expand further because it has proven quite successful for us,” added Jedlička.

The shared bike and scooter applications also urge users to park in designated areas. Parking elsewhere may result in a fine of 500 Czech crowns.

“Both Nextbike and we, as part of Lítačka, have signed a memorandum with the City Hall of Prague, which stipulates that if we park outside the designated spots in our application, we must issue a fine of 500 Czech crowns,” clarified Jan Střecha.

The parking spots for scooters and bikes are created in otherwise unused spaces, such as transportation shades or near crossings where yellow lines used to be. “In those areas, cars couldn’t legally park, so we practically didn’t remove any parking spots for cars except for a few exceptions,” informed Martin Jedlička.

The network of parking spaces is expected to expand throughout Prague in the future. However, according to Jan Střecha, some city districts hesitate to allow parking for one-wheeled vehicles near crossings.

We previously reported that Prague 1 is considering charging fees and limiting the “scooter chaos.” The fight against scooters is taken seriously by Prague 2. As reported earlier, it has gone the furthest in its initiative against street scooters. The district has agreed with bike-sharing companies to precisely mark agreed-upon parking areas in their mobile applications.

Leaving scooters, electric scooters, bicycles, or electric bicycles outside these areas is prohibited. If a user leaves a vehicle freely on the sidewalk, the company must ensure its relocation to a designated area.

The agreement also defines areas where riding will be prohibited or allowed only at reduced speeds. Primarily, these include parks (such as Riegrovy sady, Grébovka, and Ztracenka) and selected parts of the surface on Náměstí Míru or Karlovo náměstí. The agreement also includes banning acoustic signals for localization during nighttime.