Weather Outlook: Warmer Temperatures Expected in the Czech Republic

Meteorologists from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) have provided their outlook for the next three weeks, expecting temperatures to be average to slightly above average. This comes after a rather chilly week, which is also anticipated to bring the highest precipitation. The forecast covers the period from May 15th to June 11th.

According to the meteorologists, the current week will be the coldest, with temperatures below average. Minimum nighttime temperatures will hover around 8 °C, dropping to around 5 °C mid-week and rising to approximately 12 °C towards the end. Maximum daytime temperatures are expected to be about 15 °C at the beginning of the week, around 13 °C in the middle, and up to 23 °C towards the end.

Temperatures are not expected to exceed twenty degrees until Friday, with Wednesday being particularly cold, reaching only 7 to 11 °C in some areas of the country. However, by Saturday, maximum temperatures should rise to 19 to 23 °C; by Sunday and the following week, they are projected to reach 21 to 26 °C.

In the next three weeks, meteorologists anticipate temperatures to remain within the average to slightly above-average range. The last week of the forecast is expected to be the warmest, with minimum temperatures around 11 °C and maximum temperatures around 22 °C.

Precipitation during the forecast period is expected to be average, except for the first week, which may see significantly above-average rainfall, totaling up to 28 mm. As a result, a warning has been issued for specific areas, valid from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday morning.

The monthly outlook provided by the CHMI represents the general weather patterns and does not capture all potential fluctuations. The accuracy of temperature forecasts is around 75 percent, while for precipitation, it is approximately 65 percent. Estimates for the third and fourth weeks often align with long-term climatic values for the respective periods.