Breaking News: Technical Issue Delays Trading on Prague Stock Exchange

The Prague Stock Exchange experienced a technical issue, causing the trading session to commence two hours later. The exchange announced on its website that the delay was due to an unidentified technical problem with the trading system provider.

“Just before the opening of the trading session, the Prague Stock Exchange was forced to postpone the start of trading. An as-yet-unidentified technical issue on the side of the Xetra trading system provider caused this. The providers are working to resolve the problem,” stated the exchange shortly before the intended start of trading.

The exchange also communicated the issue on its Twitter account, providing an update two hours later that trading had eventually commenced at 11:00 am.

Last week, the exchange’s main index, PX, significantly weakened, dropping by four percent to 1,316.8 points. The decline was mainly driven by the performance of ČEZ shares, which fell by 15.4 percent to 1,022 CZK per share over the week.