Butter Price Trends in the Czech Republic and Germany

Butter prices, which significantly rose following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, appear to be stabilizing in the Czech Republic. Although some stores continue offering a quarter-kilo package of butter for close to 60 crowns, recent promotions have seen prices drop as low as 29.90. Interestingly, price trends in the Czech Republic were more favorable in February than in Germany, even though consumers generally enjoy better prices in the latter.

The price development of butter in both the Czech Republic and Germany is nearly identical. After a significant increase triggered by the onset of the Russian invasion in February 2022, prices began to drop at the turn of 2022/2023. A mild increase was observed from late autumn, but nothing dramatic.

Currently, the price of this commodity is falling. According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, the average price of a quarter-kilo of butter was 45.30 crowns in February last year, while this year, in the same month, it was 41.10 crowns. However, the price of a quarter-kilo of butter can significantly vary depending on the manufacturer, the country of origin, or whether it is butter from freezers, which tends to be cheaper.

Like the Czech Republic, butter prices in Germany went down about a year ago. The price had not returned to the level before 2020, and, according to economists, it will never return. The situation in agriculture and food production is influenced by many factors. These include not only higher costs for energy, fertilizers, and feed compared to the past but also a shortage of labor and the minimum wage, which increases costs.