Winter Returns: Snow Expected Even Outside Mountain Areas

Despite experiencing summer-like temperatures just a few days ago, the upcoming week is set to remind us that it’s still April, a month known for its weather unpredictability. Meteorologists are predicting snowfall due to the northwest influx of cold ocean air. The snow is not expected to be confined to just the mountainous regions, and frosty mornings could have serious consequences for blooming vegetation.

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) has confirmed that the cooling scenario seems almost certain. The cold air will likely stay with us for most of the upcoming week, with the highest daily temperatures expected to be around 10 degrees Celsius.

The cold will persist not only during the day but also at night and in the morning. How low the temperatures will drop will largely depend on the amount of cloud cover, which is difficult to predict with certainty this far in advance.

Meteorologists stated, “If there is a tendency for clear nights, especially in the second half of next week, temperatures around -2 degrees Celsius are entirely realistic.” To illustrate the drastic change, just last Sunday, the afternoon maximum temperatures were expected to be around 26 degrees Celsius, and a week earlier, the temperature even climbed above the tropical level of 30 degrees Celsius at several stations, despite the calendar showing April 7th.