Car production fell 11% to 92,657 vehicles in January, the lowest level since 2010

In January, passenger car production in the Czech Republic fell 11.4 percent to 92,657 vehicles. This is the worst January result since 2010. This is still a shortage of chips, but also a change in the production program at Kolín-based Toyota after the end of production for Citroën and Peugeot. 

Almost one in ten cars produced in the country is electric. Production of buses and motorcycles increased year on year.

Custom bus production increased by 21.2 percent to 360 vehicles in the first month. The Iveco plant in Vysoké Mýto produced 330 buses, an increase of one-third. SOR Libchavy’s production fell 46 percent year on year to 28 buses. Škoda Electric and KHMC reported production of one vehicle each.

Jawa in Tyniec increased motorcycle production by 250 percent year on year to 266 machines in January.