Castle will be completely inaccessible due to the summit with dozens of foreign guests

Ondřej Kořínek

Due to the EU summit, partial traffic restrictions and complete closure of the Prague Castle area must be expected in the capital next week. The summit on the Czech EU Presidency will take place on Thursday and Friday.

No traffic closures are planned due to the summit, but drivers may encounter traffic suspensions while moving in convoys with participants.

Motorcades will mostly move along the route between Václav Havel Airport and the area around Prague Castle, where the summit will take place.

The presidential office said the Castle will be closed “for state-representational reasons” from Tuesday until Saturday.

The first foreign delegations will head to the informal summit, which will be attended by representatives of non-EU countries alongside EU leaders, on Thursday afternoon. That is when representatives of non-EU countries, alongside EU leaders, will head to the Castle. Seventeen countries have received invitations, including Britain, Ukraine, and Turkey.

On Friday, after 09:00, only EU leaders will be coming to the Castle.