Caution on the Roads: Meteorologists Warn of Freezing Fog

Meteorologists have warned that freezing fog will form in some areas of the republic from Monday evening to Tuesday morning. This atmospheric condition can lead to frost on roads and sidewalks, making them slippery and potentially dangerous.

The most frequent instances will occur in Moravia, where fog will form in many places. Isolated occurrences are expected in Bohemia, especially in the northern and northeastern regions, according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI).

A warning has been issued for the Hradec Králové, South Moravian, Zlín, and parts of the Central Bohemian, Liberec, Pardubice, and Olomouc regions from 20:00 on Monday to 10:00 on Tuesday.

The fog will mostly dissolve on Tuesday morning, but it will persist the longest in central Moravia. The slipperiness of the roads may remain in shaded locations for most of the day, meteorologists warn. Slippery streets and sidewalks may occur, especially in the vicinity of watercourses.

The lowest temperatures on Tuesday night should range between 5 and 0 degrees Celsius. During the day, they will rise to 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. In places where the fog persists, temperatures will remain only around 3 degrees Celsius.