Replica to Replace the Libeň Bridge in Prague

Hlavní město Praha

The city of Prague has recently introduced an updated version of the study to reconstruct the Libeň Bridge. The bridge, measuring a length of 1200 meters between Palmovka and Maniny, is scheduled to begin its renovation process in the year 2026.

A significant part of the construction will be replaced by a “replica” based on the original design by architect Pavel Janák. The reason for building a new bridge stems from current demands on traffic load and the required lifespan. The original pillars of the bridge will be preserved and strengthened as part of this reconstruction.

In addition to the visual style of the bridge, the authors of the proposal promise new public services that the reconstruction of the bridge will bring. Prague’s deputy for transport, Zdeněk Hřib, said, “There will also be an opportunity for the creation of cafes, shops, and other services under the bridge. We are also considering new approaches to the river.”

The estimated cost of the reconstruction, 2.1 billion korunas, should not change significantly, according to the head of TSK, Jozef Sinčák, and the updated study.

Constructed in 1928, the concrete bridge connecting Holešovice and Libeň has never been repaired. It has been in poor technical condition for a long time, similar to some other bridge constructions in the capital.