Celebrating Life’s Milestones in the Sixth Municipal District!

The sixth municipal district celebrates various life milestones, including birthdays, weddings, and newborns. The local government has responded to the residents’ interest in these events by organizing various activities. For instance, the Glass Palace hosts a special ceremony for individuals aged 80, 85, and 90 celebrating significant anniversaries. The event includes a concert by musicians from the Semafor Theater, toasting, personalized congratulations from the mayor, flowers, and small gift bags.

Within the district’s boundaries, there are currently thirty individuals over the age of 100, with the two oldest having recently celebrated their 105th birthdays. The municipal government organizes an annual celebration at the Glass Palace to honor these individuals and their slightly younger counterparts. Last year, around 450 seniors attended the event, and each of them received a complimentary set of photographs as a memento.

In addition to birthday celebrations, the municipal district also recognizes wedding anniversaries. Couples who wish to commemorate their special day after 50, 60, or even 70 years can contact the registry office, which then arranges a ceremony. Two to four couples are invited to the Glass Palace, where they receive gifts, congratulations, and flowers. For couples unable to attend the palace due to health reasons, a smaller celebration can be arranged at home.

The municipal government is also keen to welcome new citizens. Last year, approximately half of the invited couples, totaling 540 infants aged between two and four months out of 1,060, accepted the invitation. During the ceremony, the babies receive a ribbon with the district’s emblem, a silver commemorative coin, a gift, congratulations from the mayor to the parents, and a flower. Attendees also have the opportunity to obtain photographs from the event, which takes place in a beautifully adorned gateway.

These initiatives highlight the district’s commitment to celebrating and honoring its residents. By organizing events for various milestones, such as birthdays, weddings, and newborns, the municipal government fosters a sense of community and ensures that these special occasions are cherished and recognized.