Weekend Weather Update

The weekend is expected to be sunny, with sunshine lasting up to 15 hours. However, we won’t experience summer temperatures due to a cold northern airflow, and the afternoon highs will remain below 25°C. There might also be isolated ground frosts in the morning, as meteorologist Dagmar Honsová informed the news.

On Thursday, clear to partly cloudy skies will prevail, with slightly more cloudiness and isolated showers possible in the northeast. Daytime temperatures will reach 18 to 22°C.

Friday will continue with clear to partly cloudy skies. There might be occasional showers in the mountains due to transiently increased cloudiness. Morning temperatures will drop to 9 to 5°C, while daytime temperatures will rise to 18 to 22°C.

The warmth of the previous days is unlikely to return until mid-June, according to the weather forecast.

Saturday will also see clear to partly cloudy skies. The lowest morning temperatures will range from 7 to 3°C, and isolated ground frosts cannot be ruled out. During the day, temperatures will range between 17 and 21°C.

Sunday will bring no significant changes. Morning lows will stay between 7 and 3°C, with the possibility of isolated ground frosts. Daytime temperatures will reach 19 to 23°C under clear to partly cloudy skies.

Looking ahead to Monday, it will be mostly clear to partly cloudy. “During the day, with transiently increased cloudiness, isolated showers or thunderstorms may occur,” said Honsová. Morning temperatures will range from 9 to 5°C, while afternoon highs will reach 20 to 24°C.

The outlook for Tuesday and Wednesday currently indicates partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated showers or thunderstorms. Morning temperatures are expected to drop to 10 to 6°C, while daytime temperatures will range from 19 to 23°C.