ČEZ will significantly increase the price for new clients

ČEZ is increasing electricity prices for new customers and those whose fixation is ending. For example, for an open-ended contract with the most common rate, D02d, the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) will be CZK 9.96 in July; according to the price list from the end of last year, it was CZK 5.92.

The increase is even more significant for the D57d rate, which people with electric heating use. One kWh under the low tariff now costs CZK 8.79, up from CZK 3.78 at the end of last year. The price will, therefore, more than double.

The new fixed-price products have already become more expensive since mid-May, so for example, if the price is fixed for a year, the price per kWh will be CZK 10.59 for the D02d CZK 9.18 for the D57d low tariff.

For people without a fixation, prices will not change

ČEZ spokesman Roman Gazdík stressed that these changes do not affect existing customers with an open-ended contract with the company. “We are not changing and do not plan to change the basic price list for an indefinite period for regular customers, where most of our clients are,” he told Právo yesterday. He added that prices would not change, even for those currently fixed with the company.

Thus, the price increase will affect those who come to the company from competitors. “These are price lists for customers who come and want to secure a fixed-term contract now.” We have to buy electricity in advance for these customers at the current prices, “he added.

The price increase will also be felt by those whose fixation will expire, which according to Gazdik, will be about 5% of CEZ customers by January 2023.

Product availability is limited.

PRE Proud Basic, a newcomer product, is now available, with a kWh in the D02d rate costing CZK 7.08 and the D57d rate costing CZK 5.35. “We have only changed prices once this year, since April. We are not planning another increase now, but we cannot rule it out given the market situation, “PRE spokesman Karel Hanzelka told Právo yesterday. The company does not offer fixed products to new customers now.

E.ON currently offers new clients a two-year fix with Komplet Elektina PRO, where a kWh at the D02d rate costs CZK 7.89 and the D57d rate CZK 6.21. Price changes at suppliers concern the power component and account for about half of the total invoices. The other part comprises regulated items such as distribution, renewable energy allowance, etc. The Energy Regulatory Authority always sets this part of the price for one year.