Clam-Gallas Palace opens to the public

Kateřina Šulolvá

The general and costly reconstruction of the Clam-Gallas Palace at the corner of Husova Street and Mariánské náměstí in Prague 1, one of the most significant Baroque monuments in the capital, has been completed. According to architect Petr Malinský, the façade and the grey sculptures should correspond to the time of its construction, the beginning of the 18th century.

The palace took four years to renovate, and the total cost was almost CZK 570 million, resulting in a meticulous work of art. During the reconstruction, painted frescoes and the gothic cellars of the previous houses were discovered.

“Originally, there were Gothic houses here, which were completely economically incorporated into the mass of the palace. The cellars were not used, so the architect of the palace, J. B. Fischer of Erlach, had them filled in,” Malinský said.

The architect admitted to professional disputes about the method of restoration of the four sculptures by Matthias Bernard Braun on the facade of Husova Street. Although the public has become accustomed to the form of plain stone, they are now grey, just like the whole palace. According to Malinský, this corresponds to the artist’s original intention.

The public is expected to see the Clam-Gallas Palace for the first time on October 28. The City Museum is first planning an outdoor exhibition, followed by an exhibition on the composer Josef Myslivečko. The permanent exhibition Baroque from the Museum of the Capital City collections. The Baroque Museum of Prague will be completed by June 2024.

“The Prague City Museum will use the unique building for its exhibition, but it will also serve as a venue for social events. I believe that this renewed spot on the tourist map of Prague will at least partially relieve other overloaded monuments,” said Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates).