Comic-Con Prague 2023 Kicks Off with a Bang!

The first day of the Comic-Con event was primarily focused on cosplayers and the festival’s grand opening. The fantastic opening ceremony and the symbolic cutting of the ribbon were attended by all the top Hollywood and Czech stars and famous comic book creators, whom fans will be able to meet throughout the festival. Among them were Danny Glover, Raphael Luce, Dan Fogler, Corin Nemec, Richard D. Anderson, Matt Ryan, Ian McDiarmid, Rob Williams, Brian Bolland, Josef Dvořák, and Jaroslav Němeček.

The guests who were able to kick off Comic-Con included the newly appointed Ambassador of the United States of America, Bijan Sabet, the Mayor of Prague, Bohuslav Svoboda, and the Mayor of Prague 9, Tomáš Portlík, alongside the marketing director of Active Radio (the co-organizer of the event), Pavel Renčín, and the program director of the festival, Václav Pravda.

On Friday, the most popular events among fans were the talk with Ian McDiarmid, famous for his role as Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars franchise, and the talk show with Josef Dvořák, who reminisced about the 40th anniversary of the cult TV series Visitors.

Saturday and Sunday: tickets are already sold out

The program is mainly focused on the Pragocosplay competition, where the ability to fine-tune the costume to the last detail is evaluated, and the acting talent that the fan will demonstrate on stage. In the morning, there will also be an SG-1 team talk show with Corin Nemec and Richard D. Anderson.

The program’s highlights also include a talk with Aleš Svoboda, a Czech fighter pilot and Captain of the Czech Army, who successfully passed the European Space Agency’s selection process in November 2022 and became a member of the backup astronaut team, along with Czech Television favorite Daniel Stach.

The stars of the Four-Leaf Clover comic will also be introduced, specifically a joint panel with Jaroslav Němeček, the founder and creator of the legendary Four-Leaf Clover, and comic book writer Lukáš Pavlásek, who contributed several scripts to the magazine.

The Sunday best-of shows will include a talk show about film music with world-renowned composer and orchestrator Conrad Pope and a talk show with Danny Glover.

It is expected that the event’s overall attendance will exceed 20,000 fans!