Construction of Dvorecký bridge over the Vltava River has begun in Prague

Construction of a new Vltava River bridge started in Prague on Tuesday. The Dvorecký Bridge will connect Prague 4 and 5 in Dvorce and Zlíchov. The bridge will be primarily intended for public transport, pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles of the integrated rescue system. It should be ready at the turn of 2024 or 2025.

The 388-meter-long bridge will enable tram connections around the Lihovar stop on the left bank of the Vltava River and Dvorce near the Jeremenkova Street exit. On the Smíchov side, a rail siding has already been built for this purpose during the reconstruction of the line.

In addition to trams, it will also be used by some bus lines that now cross the Vltava River on the reconstructed Barrandov Bridge. This should be used during the final stage of the reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge.

The construction, costing CZK 1.075 billion, was opened with the traditional tapping of the foundation stone. The bridge will be built by Metrostav TBR, Strabag and Firesta-Fišer.

A space for leisure activities and a café should be created under the Dvorecký Bridge, which contains functionalist elements.

In addition to the Dvorecký Bridge, the city has restored the collapsed Trojský Bridge during this term, and a footbridge is currently being built to connect Štvanici Island with Holešovice and Karlín.