Coronavirus is slowly going away from the Czech Republic

According to data released today by the Czech Ministry of Health, 3,229 COVID cases were recorded in the Czech Republic on Tuesday, 15% less than a week ago.

Previously, new cases were only registered on September 29, 2020, which was a smaller number.

There were 151 infected per 100,000 population in the past seven days, while the number was five higher a day before.

The coronavirus outbreak is slowing down in its spread. For the past two weeks, the reproduction figure, which indicates how many people are infected on average by one positively tested individual, has been below one. It has been fluctuating around 0.88 for the past three days.

On Tuesday, 55,572 COVID vaccine doses were administered. There were around 1,600 doses less than a week ago. Since the vaccine campaign began in late December, almost three million doses have been distributed. In total, 966,625 Czechs have had their vaccinations completed.