Covid Update: 384 Instances of Coronavirus Were Detected on Tuesday

In the Czech Republic, the coronavirus outbreak is still on the decline. On Tuesday, June 8th, tests revealed 384 coronavirus cases that was a hundred less than a week ago.

In the near future, anti-epidemic measures to combat coronavirus should be stopped, except for respiratory protection.

Currently, with 38 instances discovered in the last seven days, the South Bohemian Region has the highest number, while the Karlovy Vary Region has the lowest amount, with only 5 instances

Furthermore, on Tuesday (June 8th), more than 110,000 people were vaccinated against COVID-19, an increase of around 7,300 persons from a week before. In the Czech Republic, 6,099,710 doses of vaccine have been delivered, with two doses required for complete vaccination. A total of 1,852,757 persons were vaccinated, accounting for 17.3% of Czechia’s population of 10.7 million. This equates to 20.9 percent of the population over the age of 16.