Czech Doctors Can Serve Full-Day Shifts Again

In a recent development, doctors in the Czech Republic will be able to serve full-day shifts again. The amendment to the labor code, which adjusts doctors’ overtime work and allows them to serve twenty-four-hour services, will come into effect. President Petr Pavel signed this alongside other laws on Tuesday.

Due to a recently adopted adjustment, which this amendment cancels, some hospital doctors quit overtime, threatening significant care limitations. However, after an agreement with the Ministry of Health, doctors will earn more money, and the amendment returns the possibility for them to serve up to 24 hours at a stretch. This significant shift will impact how healthcare is delivered in the country.

In addition, Pavel also signed an amendment to the law on IDs, which stipulates that even after 2025, birth numbers will remain in ID cards and will not be replaced by meaningless identifiers. This preserves a crucial element of personal identification in the country.

Another noteworthy development is that the President endorsed the amendment about audiovisual works and cinema support. According to the amendment, decision-making processes about film incentives can be interrupted in case of a lack of funding, whereas previously, they had to be stopped entirely. This means more flexibility in the film industry’s funding process.

Fishermen can claim compensation for damages caused by cormorants based on the amendment about providing compensation for damages caused by selected specially protected animals. This could potentially boost the fishing industry, which has been struggling with such issues.

In conclusion, these amendments, signed by President Petr Pavel, are set to bring about significant changes in several sectors, including healthcare, personal identification, cinema, and fishing.